Maintenance of your pool & spa equipment is important all year round, especially after a party, a weather event such as a storm and over Winter when the pool isn’t front of mind.

Here is a quick list of things My Pool Shop Melbourne suggests to check, so your pool and equipment continue working at their best and are ready to go when you are!

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Cleaning Equipment

Check your leaf rake nets for splits and tears, these can be replaced separately either in-store or at home with just a screwdriver (and a lot of patience). Cracks in the frame of leaf rakes and brushes happen when the residual chlorinated water remains on them as well as damage from the sun’s UV rays. Check the telepole still locks and extends all the way in and out.

*Tip – Rinse your equipment with fresh water after use and store it out of direct sunlight.

Salt Chlorinators

Even if you have a ‘self-cleaning’ cell, removing the calcium build-up that can attach itself to the plates & sensor. Simply mix a very dilute acid & water mixture of 1 part acid to 10 parts water in a bucket and put the cell into the mix, ensure that the acid/water solution only touches the plates and not over the cap onto the leads.

*Tip – Always add acid to water, never water to acid as this can splash the acid onto you!!

Check the power connections on the cap to ensure there are no exposed wires and they aren’t stripped or damaged.


Check for any signs of leakage, most commonly found underneath. There is a seal that separates the front (wet end) and rear (motor), which can begin to leak and make the pump noisy with age. If you find a leak, the seal needs to be replaced, contact us using to arrange a repair.

Also check the pump basket for cracks as this can allow fine debris into the pump, restricting or even stopping the flow of water.

*Tip – In times of heavy rain and storms, clearing debris away from around the pool pump and checking to make sure the drainage around the pump is good so that the pump won’t get flooded in a heavy deluge.


Filters can be cleaned and degreased, sand filters benefit greatly from this as everything is not always expelled with a backwash. Cartridge and DE filters require a good hose and should also be degreased to maintain their efficiency as well as make them last longer.

Those with glass media, are the easiest filters to clean as they don’t require any degreasing, just a good backwash and rinse then you’ll be good to go again.

Check the Multiport Valve for any leaks, the most common place to find them is water coming up through the handle area as well as from around the collar where it joins to the tank.

The tank of the filter can fatigue over time from being under constant high pressures, be sure to run your eye and hands over the whole tank for leaks and cracks. Check your pressure gauge is reading correct pressure e.g. When the pump is off, it should be at 0 and when on, it is operating in the normal range.

Pool Cleaners

There are a lot of wearing parts on suction cleaners including skirts, soles, swivels, floats, and hoses, rollers, baskets, and cables on robotic cleaners. Usually, a visual inspection of the cleaner will easily identify any parts in need of repair, however, if your cleaner just isn’t working like it used to, bring the whole unit into us and we’ll give it a professional once over.

Water Balance

A home test kit will check your chlorine, pH, and alkalinity levels. Ensure they are in the ideal range and balance where required.

Alternately, bringing a water sample into our shop will enable you to test for all the balances that can affect your water quality. We’ll ensure that you have the perfect balance to keep your water clear!

Pool Safety

Check your pool fence is solid, secure, and in good working order. The swimming pool gate must open outward from the pool and have self-closing hinges as well as self-latch on the first swing from all angles. Don’t forget to check around the pool fence for objects that could be used to climb the fence, these should be removed from the area with pool aids and toys securely stored away and out of view. Ensure your CPR sign is clearly visible from the pool, easily legible, and current.

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