A robotic pool cleaner is hands down the best way to keep your pool water free of debris. There are a number of brands & models all with similar features & functions. Finding the one that suits your pool & budget is now easier than ever.

We supply the Maytronics range of robotic pool cleaners. From their entry-level S100 all the way up to the M700, these cleaners are the original (and in our opinion) the best on the market. So, why are robotic cleaners so good?

1. Cleaning Ability

Robotic cleaners such as the Dolphin M700 provide the most effective all-around pool clean. They are programmed to ensure they cover the entire pool from the floor, to the walls and even scrub the tile line.

They have great suction for the large debris plus their internal filters will pick up very fine dust and dirt. The scrubbing brushes remove stubborn debris & any algae in pebble surfaces and grout lines, keeping your pool surface looking its best.

2. Save water

Robotic pool cleaners can reduce your water wastage by up to 80% or over 13,000 litres each year by reducing the filtration time required, this, in turn, requires you to backwash or clean your filter less often, saving you up to 20,000 litres each year!

3. Reduce equipment wear & tear

Upgrading to a robotic pool cleaner from your typical suction cleaner will reduce the pressure on your pump and filter as the operating pressures are usually considerably lower when the filter is clean, extending the life of your equipment.

4. Self-reliant

They run independently of the pool pump and filtration system. Operating under its own power isn’t at the mercy of the other components, like when your suction cleaner ‘stops working’ due to clogged baskets or reduced water flow

5. Environmentally Friendly

Lower running power consumption paired with the robot will keep your pool just as clean and filtered (if not more!) Add a Variable Speed Pump to reduce your power consumption further as you don’t require the high pressure & water flow needed to keep a suction cleaner going.

Robotic cleaners are also a great way to lower the environmental impact of owning a swimming pool, and in some cases, they may also help achieve a carbon-neutral running of your pool.

Finally, Maytronics cleaners are Climate Care Certified. This is the swimming pool industry’s new efficiency and sustainability certification program. The Climate Care Certification Program is an initiative of the Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Australia Ltd (SPASA). Click here to find out more about the program.