Which Algaecide do I need for my pool?Which algaecide is right for your pool when you get an onset of algae? There are 3 common types of algaecides that are readily available at your local pool shop.

The first thing to understand is how an algaecide works because if chlorine kills algae, then why do you need an algaecide??

Algaecides work in a few ways, and without getting into the science behind each one, the main way algaecides are effective against algae is by working in conjunction with a sanitiser such as chlorine.

Essentially the algaecide ‘softens’ the harder exterior of the algae to allow the chlorine in to do its work. Chlorine can do this by itself though uses itself up in the process, so you generally need a LOT of chlorine and a longer time to kill it all, making the use of an algaecide a smart, economical, and effective treatment.

So what types of algaecides are there?

Copper Based Algaecide

  • They use copper sulphate as the active ingredient. Copper is commonly known for its anti-bacterial properties (i.e. your home water pipes are copper).
  • It can be used as a treatment or for regular maintenance
  • When treating algae, we suggest to superchlorinate your pool
  • It works against most strains of algae
  • It doesn’t foam
  • There is a potential for high/prolonged use to stain the surface of your pool.

A Copper based algaecide is best used for:
Seasonal preventative treatments or general algae treatment when copper levels are not of concern.

Polymeric Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (Quats)

  • The active ingredient is Benzalkonium Chloride
  • This is only used as a treatment, it is NOT recommended for regular maintenance.
  • It helps reduce duck & water bugs issues by breaking the surface tension of the water which makes it uninviting for them.
  • Effective without high levels of chlorine
  • Works especially well against Ping slime algae
  • Non-Staining
  • Potential for foaming

A Quat based algaecide is best used for:
General treatment of algae when copper levels are an issue or specifically targeting pink slime algae

Hybrid Base (combination of both copper and Benzalkonium Chloride)

  • Can be used as both a treatment or general maintenance
  • Effective without high levels of chlorine
  • Typically used on Black spot algae
  • Low potential of staining
  • Potential for foaming

A Hybrid Algaecide is best used for:
Treatment of blackspot algae or if other algaecides haven’t worked.

Depending on your algae issues, the common reason for needing an algaecide is incorrect water balance. This can be from a weather event, malfunctioning equipment, or a number of other factors.

Use an algaecide that fits your needs as directed by your pool professionals and ensure you keep your water balanced to prevent further outbreaks.

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