Oxidising pool water is very important for a healthy pool or spa. When you use a non-chlorine oxidiser in your water, you’re breaking down organic waste without any additional by-products or smells like regular chlorine can produce.

What is oxidisation?

The science behind oxidisation is simply a chemical reaction that occurs when a reactive substance (oxidisers) interacts with unwanted organic matter (sweat, suntan lotion, etc), breaking it down and allowing it to evaporate. This is why it is important to leave it uncovered for 2-4 hours after treatment to allow it to “breathe”.

How are oxidisers different from chlorine?

When chlorine reacts with organic materials, the by-product of what’s left are sometimes harmful chloramines which can cause eye & skin irritation as well as that pungent ‘chlorine’ smell.

When should you oxidise?

When your pool is being used regularly, a weekly dose of an oxidiser is ideal, however, a monthly dose of a non-chlorine oxidiser throughout the year is suggested.

This removes the unwanted organic matter before it builds up and becomes a problem, using an oxidiser also allows the chlorine in your water to be more effective.

We recommend having an oxidiser like Impact Shock as part of your “on-hand” pool chemicals or Spa Shock, to keep your water clear and healthy.

Oxidisers are perfect for your regular maintenance program, they’re fast-acting so you can get back in the water usually within an hour.

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