Spas require a little more attention than pools to keep the water healthy and sanitisation of the water due to the warmth of the water. Ensuring that there’s sufficient sanitiser continually present in the water, will make your spa safe every time you use it.

There are a variety of spa-specific sanitisers on the market which can make choosing the right one confusing but to keep the water safe you need the right amount of whichever you choose.

Chlorine and bromine are the two main chemicals that are commonly used, along with non-chlorine sanitisers such as Poppits. The aim is to maintain a regular level of sanitiser in the water, as opposed to it ‘see-sawing’ up and down.

First time using the spa in a while?

If your spa hasn’t been used for a while, we recommend bringing in a sample of your spa water to us for a full water test.

You should test your water at home at least once a week, to maintain an active level of sanitiser throughout the season.

Ideal sanitiser levels should be between 2-5ppm for bromine spas or 1-3ppm for chlorine spas. If the level drops below the recommended range, bacteria can begin to grow and multiply very quickly, this is common after use as the sanitiser is used up and sticks to us when we get out.

After use, do a quick test of the water and if the sanitiser level has dropped, add the recommended dosage of your sanitiser to the water.

Along with your weekly sanitiser routine, it’s also a good idea to regularly shock your spa during the season with an oxidiser. Doing this will destroy any build-up of contaminants, chloramines & the ‘chlorine smell’ in your water.


Indoor/enclosed space or a stand-alone spas

We recommend bromine as the best sanitiser for indoor/enclosed space spas, however, if you don’t like the smell, or have sensitive skin or allergies, we also stock Poppits and Biguanide as a complete alternative to chlorine/bromine products. These will NOT work with other kinds of sanitizing systems, so if you decide to go with Biguanide, you must make a 100% switch since it’s based on an entirely different chemistry than bromine or chlorine.


Outdoor spas or standalone spas we suggest bromine as the most effective sanitiesr. As with the indoor spas, the use of Poppits or Biguanide is also applicable for those with sensitive skin, however, daily monitoring is required.

Attached to your pool

Spas attached to a pool will likely share the pool sanititation system such as the saltwater chlorinator as well as the filtration so no special sanitation is required. Alternatively, you can opt for a mineral or ozone system that creates soft, super clear, low chlorine water safe for the whole family!

If you’re unsure about the sanitiser dosage rate for your spa contact us for our expert advice.

Keeping your spa water sanitiesd, healthy, and ready to use can be easy with a few simple habits to keep on top of your water balance. Come in store to have your water tested and get our expert advice on which will suit your spa & family the best.