Spa maintenance throughout winter can be easy if you’ve got everything you need and have the right advice. Depending on how often the spa is used, your maintenance schedule should be weekly testing and balancing. Monthly cleaning & a three-monthly drain, clean & refill.

Weekly testing

Keeping your water sanitised, balanced & healthy is the most important maintenance to undertake on your spa even if you are not using it. This ensures the safe bathing as well as longevity of your spa & equipment.

It’s vital to maintain levels of your chosen sanitiser, Bromine or alternatives that do not contain either chlorine or bromine such as Poppits, Peroxsil395 or Aquaspa. You should refer to package directions or test strips for the correct levels, generally 4-8ppm for Bromine, 100ppm for Poppits & Peroxsil395 or 15ppm for Aquaspa.

If it’s in use, a weekly shock treatment is also highly recommended for spa’s using a non-chlorine oxidiser such as Spa Shock to remove unwanted organic waste. Add 30g per 1,000 litres and leave the spa uncovered for 2 hours.

Your pH should be maintained at between 7.2 & 7.6

Alkalinity is best at 80-125ppm

You can test at home with test strips or to ensure you get an accurate reading, we suggest bringing a sample in regularly for us to test with our highly accurate digital testing equipment. We will also advise you the exact amounts of balancing chemicals to use.

Monthly Cleaning

If you’ve maintained your water balance consistently throughout, the required cleaning will usually be less than a spa that has had a poor water balance. Regular cleaning of the filter will ensure that you have good waterflow, and contaminants are removed from the system. Approximately once a month is great if you aren’t using the spa, but you will need to clean it more regularly if the spa is in regular use.

Remove the cartridge and use a hose to remove any surface grime. Regular degreasing with a cleaner suitable for spa cartridges such as Poppits Filter Cartridge Cleaner or Spa Pro Filter Cleaner and Degreaser is recommended when the spa is in use. Once clean return the cartridge and resume regular filtration.

Any water line scum can be cleaned off with products such as Erase it for Spa’s and Vinyl pools if it’s a hard build up like calcium or it is Spa Pro Filter Cleaner and Degreaser applied directly on the scum line a rag or cloth if it’s a build-up of body fats

** Do not use household detergents or cleaning products as these can alter the water balance as well as damage the spa surface.

Quarterly refill

It is recommended, every few months to drain & refill the spa water. This will avoid excessive sanitiser usage, the chemical balance is easy to manage, and ensure your spa is safe so you know that your water is ready for you to bathe at a moment’s notice!