Spa maintenance can be easy once you get to know your spa and get into a routine. Most spas have a few things in common that make your spa maintenance easy regardless of its age or brand.

Water balance

Ensuring that your water stays balanced is vital to keeping your spa healthy.

The main balances to keep in check are the sanitiser level and the pH. Other tests include alkalinity, calcium & phosphates to ensure all levels are balanced.

We recommend testing your water at home at least once a week to maintain the sanitiser and pH levels and having us test your water once a month to give you the most accurate reading & calculations for balancing the water.

Hot water is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, so it’s vital to maintain levels of your chosen sanitiser, either Bromine or alternatives that do not contain either chlorine or bromine such as Poppits, Peroxsil395 or Aquaspa. You should refer to package directions or test strips for the correct levels, generally 4-8ppm for Bromine, 100ppm for Poppits & Peroxsil395, or 15ppm for Aquaspa.

A weekly shock treatment is also highly recommended for spas using a non-chlorine oxidiser such as Spa Shock to remove unwanted organic waste. Add 30g per 1,000 litres and leave the spa uncovered for 2 hours.

Aim for a pH level that sits between 7.2 – 7.6. Usually, the pH drifts high (too alkaline), adding a pH Reducer will help prevent cloudy water and scale build-up on the walls & floor & jets. If it is too low, adding an alkalinity increaser to your water will increase the pH and maintain the surface of your spa, protecting it from unnecessary degradation.

If the spa hasn’t been used for a while or the sanitiser drops too low, a shock treatment with a non-chlorine oxidiser such as Spa Shock will prepare the water for sanitising before you jump back in.

Filtration & circulation

Make sure you circulate & filter the water every day. Most spas will have some kind of automatic timer that allows you to program the filter. Regular water flow through your filter will remove the contaminants & keep the water clear. A weekly dose of a liquid clarifier will help filter out contaminants and ensure sparkling water.

Quick Tip: Shower before you get in the spa as the hot water extracts the oils and lotions from your skin, so a quick shower first will make things easier on your filter!

Weekly Clean

Cleaning your spa’s filter by hosing it out will increase the efficiency of your filter which in turn will reduce your overall maintenance cost. But only a deep clean of the filter using a filter cleaner (either a liquid or powder) will remove the body oils and other contaminants that congeal and stick to the filter. Soak for the recommended time before hosing out to remove oils & more stubborn contaminants.

If you have dirt accumulating on the bottom of the spa, vacuuming this out is important for maintaining water balance & clarity.

Seasonal Clean

Deep cleaning your spa every 3-4 months is highly recommended, before draining the spa, treat with a pipe degreaser to cut through any scale and grime build up in your pipes and jets and leave your spa sparkling. Then drain and refill with fresh water, shock and sanitise and rebalance the spa. Take care not to fully drain the spa, it is safer to leave the footwell full of water to prevent the spa shell from “popping out” of its surroundings which is possible depending on its construction.

Quick Tip: Create a schedule on your phone using the calendar app to remind you of when and what you need to clean, this way you’ll never forget to keep your spa clean!

Don’t forget, we’re always here to help and happy to answer any questions relating to your spa. If you want us to regularly maintain your spa for you, please contact us below