Cloudy spa water is a common problem after high usage. Start by checking you the water balance is correct, you have a good sanitiser level, and there has been enough filtration. If there is still an issue, follow our quick guide below to clear it up.

What makes a spa go cloudy?
There are three main balances that can affect the clarity of spa water when the sanitiser and filtration seem to be ok

1. The pH is too high

A spa’s pH level should not be higher than 7.6. Once it goes above this level, the effectiveness of your sanitizer becomes reduced which in turn causes cloudy water and can also increase scale formation.

2. High Alkalinity

Once the alkalinity goes over about 150ppm, scale will begin to form and the pH will bounce back up again after adding pH reducer, which reduces the sanitisers effectiveness and causing cloudy water.

3. Calcium Hardness

Depending on the surface of a spa, calcium hardness levels should be between 175 to 250 ppm. If the levels are too high, again, you’ll see scale build-up and cloudiness.

The best way for these levels to be assessed is to bring us your water sample and we can find out if these are causing your cloudy water, help you correct these balances as well as give you tips to keep them from happening again

Combining good water balance with filtration and a clarifier will ensure your water will be crystal clear & healthy for you to enjoy a soak every time.

Also, following a regular maintenance schedule will help you keep your water stay clear.

  • Clean your filter/s regularly – soak them in a cartridge cleaner once a week if using the spa regularly.
  • Sanitise & balance the spa –weekly
  • Use test strips for sanitiser & pH – weekly
  • Water test at My Pool Shop Melbourne – monthly
  • Change the spa water – every 3-4 months or following guidance according to TDS levels

All spas have their differences, big, small, inground, stand-alone, lots of jets, swim spas, big filters, and more so check with us before you change up your chemical balances & equipment maintenance techniques to avoid any problems.

Contact us to have one of our service technicians come to you and give your spa a clean or teach you how to best look after your spa!

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