Pool ready for summer with clear donut floatPool & spa summer start up checks are usually pretty easy if you’ve kept your eye on things over winter. Even if you’ve done these before, it’s always a good thing to refresh your skills. So, is your pool water & equipment ready for summer? Read our 5 part summer start-up checklist below!

1. Water Balance

You can test some of your water balances with your at-home test kit, however, at this time of the year, it’s best to get us to test all the water balances, including Stabliser, Calcium, and Phosphates to set a perfect balance for the summer.

2. Increase your filtration time

It takes a single-speed pool pump around 6 hours* to turn the whole pools water over once, however, different pool and pump sizes will affect these figures.

To survive without issue, we suggest running the pump at least 8 hrs per day throuougt summer to ensure the water is filtered and chlorinated sufficiently.

*Based on the average pool size being approximately 50,000lts. If you have a variable speed pool pump, the running times will need to be set longer.

3. Equipment & accessories

As you’ll be starting to be in and around the pool area more often it’s very important that your pool equipment is in good working order. Leaf rakes, pool brooms, telepoles, and skimmer baskets are really simple to check and easy, and relatively cheap to replace where necessary.

Looking over the pool pump, filter, and chlorinator for leaks, and ensuring all are in good working order.

Backwash/clean your filter, empty the pump & skimmer baskets, then check the salt chlorinator cell is free of buildup & producing at least 80% when turned all the way up.

4. Pool Safety

Check that your CPR sign is the latest version, is clearly visible from the pool area and the writing is easy to read. These can fade over time which could make it hard to read in an emergency. CPR signs are easy to neglect, however, should you need it, you’ll be grateful you checked it.

Ensure the gates self-close and latch. We also suggest you move any climbing objects away from the fence line so as it cannot be used to climb over the fence.

See our full pool fence & safety checklist article here https://mypoolshopmelbourne.com.au/swimming-pool-safety-fences-gates/

5. Use the pool!

After you’ve spent this time making sure it is clean, balanced & safe to use, you have to put some time into enjoying your hard work with friends & family!

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