Making sure your pool (or spa) is clean before, during, and after a pool party doesn’t have to be hard. Preparing your water for the onslaught of bodies will ensure that the aftermath is much easier to clean up.
Here are the steps to get you through your pool party.


Get your water in the best possible condition for swimming. Bring us a water sample & pick up any chemicals you need + a clarifier for afterward. Try to do this well in advance of the party date, one week is highly recommended.

You might need more than a day or two if it needs a shock for example. Leaving it till the morning of the party could be a bit of a rush!

Remove all the debris such as leaves, sticks & dirt from the pool with a manual vacuum and leaf rake, or use a robotic pool cleaner to do all the hard work for you!

Balance your water and (if required) shock your pool with liquid chlorine or a pool shock sachet, for an average size pool it’s 5 lts of liquid or 500 grams of granular chlorine. For a spa, add the recommended amount of a non-chlorine oxidiser as well as remove the cover if planning to use it straight away.

Run the pump for at least 2 hours after balancing to ensure the chemicals are mixed through and the water is properly circulated and filtered.


If your pool is being used consistently, it’s best to have the pump running without any cleaner in the pool. this will improve water flow and reduce the possibility of damage to your cleaner (or swimmers), always run the spa whilst in use.

If the pool continues to be used heavily, using a non-chlorine shock such as Impact can be added when there is a short break in swimmer use like lunchtime or even poured down the skimmer box during prolonged swimming periods. This will help maintain clarity and burn off organic swimmer waste.


Remove all debris from the pool or spa as any items left on the bottom of the pool or spa too long, such as a bottle cap or metal object, could stain the surface.

Empty both the skimmer and pump baskets to improve water flow and consider running the pump to shock and filter the pool if it’s cloudy

Check the pressure in the filter and if it isn’t too high allow it to filter for another 24 hours for a pool or 2-4 hours for a spa. If the pressure is too high, give the filter a quick backwash (1 minute with a 1-minute rinse) or clean with the hose for cartridge & D.E filters.

Bring a water sample down to us for testing to have it balanced up as soon as possible ready for the next time!

Alternatively, if you don’t think you’ll be feeling up to it, book a service in advance here and we’ll come to do everything for you!