Keeping your pool working efficiently and your water balanced can be pretty simple when you check everything regularly. Our pool maintenance guide will run through the main things to check on a regular basis and what specifically to look out for and some ways to rectify any issues before they become problems.

There are just a few general checks which are good to perform every few months. If you keep on top of the maintenance, small problems can be easily corrected before they turn into bigger ones.

If you run into any issues that can’t be rectified easily, make sure you contact us to get professional advice on how best to fix.

Pool Pump

  • Empty your pump basket and check for cracks, replace if necessary.
  • Check the pump lid is free from cracks & the o’ring is lubricated and seated correctly.
  • Make sure it’s not overly noisy (this could be a sign of worn-out bearings)
  • Check to ensure it’s not dripping from between the motor end and the front end (the sign of a worn-out mechanical seal)


  • Backwash/clean the filter
  • Check the tank for splits/drips/leaks
  • Replace the pressure gauge if it’s not working
  • Is it time to replace your filter media? Sand needs replacing after 5yrs on average
  • Check for gasket leaks (disconnect waste line barrel union while running on “filter” to see any water leaking to waste)
  • Does the cartridge clean up well or should it be replaced (2-3 years)

Saltwater Chlorinator

  • Is the cell clean and free of calcium build up?
  • Can you see it producing chlorine gas while operating?
  • Are there any leaks from the cell housing?
  • Does it keep the correct time & on/off timers

Automatic Pool Cleaner

  • Does it clean the pool well?
  • Are there any parts in need of replacement?
  • Does the hose have any holes in it?
  • Is the vacuum plate working effectively?
  • Do you have the speed control valve fitted correctly in the skimmer box?

Cleaning Equipment

  • Do you need to replace your pool scoop, net, brush, or the wheels on your manual vacuum head?
  • Does your tele-pole extend & lock in place?
  • Replace broken wishbone clip if your attachments won’t stay on.
  • Is your skimmer basket broken, allowing debris to get through?
  • Check your deck lid for cracks & the effectiveness of your weir door

Pool Surface

  • Is there any calcium build up on the pool surface?
  • Are there any tiles that need to be replaced?
  • Do your eyeballs move/point in the right direction?
  • Is the main drain cover still in one piece?
  • Do you need to replace missing or broken suction covers in the pool or spa?
  • Are pool lights operational?

When we do a pool service, we check all of these to ensure your pool is in the best working condition it can be for you to enjoy. If you’d like one of our highly trained team to come and give your pool a once over, click below or call us to book yours in today!