Maintaining your pool filter is not only easy, but it’s also very important! Most filters will have 40-50,000 liters of water flow through them each day in summer… when you think about that, you can imagine how much dirt, dead algae, debris, and other things get stuck inside!

Most filters these days are media filters filled with either sand, glass, or zeolite filter media designed to trap large particles and let the clean water pass back to the pool. Cartridge filters work in the same way, though instead use the fine paper-like elements to trap dirt & let clean water through.

Over time, the build-up of debris will reduce the water flow & put additional strain on your equipment. Releasing this pressure by cleaning the filter regularly is an essential part of the maintenance of your pool filter.

Media Filters

Backwash media filter water flow

Regular maintenance for media filters consists of a monthly backwash usually for about 1 minute where you reverse the flow of water through the filter and send the dirty water out to the drain. This should be followed by a rinse for 15-20 seconds that clears the remaining dirty water from the filter before you return to regular filtration.

Each season we suggest de-greasing your media filter as well. This breaks down the sunscreens, body oils, and other substances collected in the filter so they can be removed from your filter.

In addition to the regular maintenance, every 4-5 years (for sand), a media change is required to ensure quality filtration as the sand slowly breaks down and becomes smooth therefore not performing as it once did.

Upgrading to glass media has additional benefits including finer filtration for clearer water, less maintenance, shorter backwashing times & longer lifespan than that of traditional sand media.

Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filter Clean vs Dirty These filters need to be regularly removed and hosed out. You’ll also need to degrease them every season by soaking them with a cartridge cleaner to break down the oils & grease that they trap during the year.

Once clean and re-installed, you’ll need to release the air pressure inside the system via the air bleed valve, before continuing regular filtration.

Cartridge filters will eventually become clogged to the point the filter starts to break down and need replacing. Generally, it’s a good practice to replace them every 2-4 years, however, some require replacing every year if it’s a particularly challenging environment eg: lots of leaves and dust.

Our team of professionals can do all of these services for you to ensure your equipment is in good working order and maintained to increase its lifespan and ensure your pool remains clear and healthy to swim.

Contact us today to arrange your filter maintenance or upgrade!