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Don’t let your pool go green this winter

Despite how It may seem, cleaning a green pool is much more expensive than maintaining it through winter, the cost and inconvenience makes it well worth doing. Not only does reviving your pool cost more once it has gone green, but it can also cause damage to your equipment [...]

How does a Saltwater Chlorinator work?

If you’ve been for a swim in a pool in the last 20 years, there is a very high chance it was a saltwater pool. Saltwater chlorinators are the most convenient, consistent, and cost-effective way to keep your pool sanitised. There are of course different ways to sanitise your [...]

The best way to sanitise a spa

Spas require a little more attention than pools to keep the water healthy and sanitisation of the water due to the warmth of the water. Ensuring that there’s sufficient sanitiser continually present in the water, will make your spa safe every time you use it. There are a variety [...]

Pool maintenance guide

Keeping your pool working efficiently and your water balanced can be pretty simple when you check everything regularly. Our pool maintenance guide will run through the main things to check on a regular basis and what specifically to look out for and some ways to rectify any issues before they [...]

The importance of oxidising your pool & spa water

Oxidising pool water is very important for a healthy pool or spa. When you use a non-chlorine oxidiser in your water, you’re breaking down organic waste without any additional by-products or smells like regular chlorine can produce. What is oxidisation? The science behind oxidisation is simply a chemical reaction that [...]

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