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Pool Filter Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your pool filter is not only easy, but it's also very important! Most filters will have 40-50,000 liters of water flow through them each day in summer… when you think about that, you can imagine how much dirt, dead algae, debris, and other things get stuck inside!Most filters these [...]

Heating your pool – Heat pump vs Gas vs Solar

Heating your pool or spa is becoming a very popular option to get the most time in the water as possible. Solar pool heating is the most common but not the most reliable method, pool heat pumps are becoming a popular choice for new installs, and Gas pool heating [...]

Mineral pools/spas: Explained

Why choose a mineral pool? Typically, you would choose a ‘mineral pool’ over a traditional ‘salt’ or non-salt pool for the therapeutic benefits provided by mineral pools that you just don’t get from traditional pools. Mineral Pools are great to swim in! The water is soft, exceptionally clear & [...]

Variable Speed Pool Pumps

In households with a swimming pool or spa, the pump is usually the largest user of electricity, making up about 18% of the electricity bill. Over its lifetime, a pool pump will use a lot of electricity. If you own a single-speed pump, electricity will cost much more than [...]

What are Phosphates and how do they affect your pool?

Phosphates in your swimming pool can be a problem all year round and slowly build up over time, however, we typically see a spike in the levels of phosphates in pools when there is heavy rain, windy conditions & dust storms. Read on below to keep your pool water [...]

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