Pool Cleaning

My Pool Shop Melbourne offers at home pool and spa cleaning service.  We will vacuum your pool, empty pump and skimmer baskets, brush the walls, balance the water, and add the required chemicals so your pool will be sparkling clean, fresh, and healthy.  This can be done weekly, fortnightly 3 weekly, or monthly.

  • Regular Pool Cleaning

  • Casual Pool Cleaning

  • Holiday Services

  • New Pool Handover

  • Holiday Services

Equipment Sales & Installs

We supply and install a huge range of pool supplies.  My Pool Shop Melbourne’s Qualified Technicians and plumbers are reliable and on time.  We can help you with our eco range of pool & spa pumps and filters, saving you hundreds a year on energy use and costs. We also have a range of :

  • Chlorinators

  • Pumps

  • Filters

  • Heaters

  • Pool Cleaners

  • Auto Pool Cleaners

  • Solar Heating

On-site Service & Repairs

  • Pump making a strange noise?

  • Auto Cleaner not working

  • Heater not heating

  • Pool lights blown

  • Sand need changing

  • Insurance Claims welcome

Don’t worry! What ever the problem we can help you!!!

Our qualified service technicians will come to your home & inspect, test and repair or replace your equipment.

Do you need help with your pool?

We can do the work for you!