The pool pump is the heart of your filtration system. Choosing the right one will ensure that your water is sufficiently filtered and your energy costs & consumption are as low as possible.

The best way to enjoy your pool is very simply to minimize what you physically need to do to keep it well maintained. And the best way to do that is with good equipment.

Which pool pump do I need?

As with most things pool-related, there are a few variables and some calculations that will need to be done first. Every pool pump comes with specification sheets that help with these.

The first question is, how big is your pool? This will ultimately determine how much water you need to move through your filter each day for proper filtration.

The second is where is it situated in relation to the pool. How far away is it from the pool? Is it below water level? Every pool pump works on a “flow rate” which is calculated as “head” in meters and flow rate in litres per minute.

e.g. If your pump is 20 meters away from the pool and 2 meters below the water level, you will need a more powerful pump than one that is 2 meters away and at the water level of the pool.

Thirdly, what filter and size do you have? The pressure and flow rating of the filter is important as you don’t want to have a pool pump too powerful and risk cracking or damaging your filter.

Lastly, costs. How much does it cost to run and how much does it cost to buy? Will the savings offset the cost difference, plus the future servicing costs and warranty period?

Here are three AstralPool pumps we prefer to install when the above compatibility checks have been made.


The AstralPool XT Variable Speed Pool Pump range is incredibly efficient, reducing the lifetime pool operating and ownership costs while offering incredibly high flow and pressure when required to meet the most demanding applications.

A full variable speed controller allows you to tailor the flow rate to suit your pool and filtration and unique features such as overdrive and fast prime make the XT the most versatile variable speed pump on the market.

You can essentially run the pump on low or medium speeds on a day-to-day basis and use the high & overdrive speeds when backwashing or manually vacuuming. This saves you money on your daily running costs and gives you the power when you need it.

Download the Viron XT Pump brochure
Download the potential savings brochure


The CTX Series pump is our preferred single-speed option which has been designed as a more powerful option by delivering a much higher head pressure, flow rates, and overall performance than other single-speed pumps.

This pump is the most popular as it is applicable in the majority of installations. It is super quite during normal filtration operation, as well as coming with a large basket which allows for extended periods between cleaning.

The CTX Series pumps also come with a longer warranty period to reflect the higher standard of construction.

Download the CTX Pump brochure


The E-Series pumps will provide just the right level of performance and reliability for all pools and spas up to 60,000 litres.

With most pools using the 1hp E230 Pool Pump, which produces high flow rates, low noise approx. 57 dbA and using less power which helps save on operating costs.

As they only operate at a single speed, the E series will run a consistent speed and pressure with no option to increase or decrease for other applications.

Download the E Series Pump brochure